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Lush Festive Blogger Night - Winter Range Review

I received a very exciting email a couple weeks ago, it was from Lush inviting me to their Festive Blogger Night to see the new Winter Range, product making & demonstrations and lots more festive fun!

I would like to mention this is NOT a paid promotion or sponsored post, however I was invited to the event by Lush & provided with free samples. All thoughts are my own.

Upon arrival, we were offered drinks and given a short introductory speech about the products & demonstrations. Other than that we were free to look around the store, and the spa upstairs for the remainder, taking as many pictures and videos as we liked.

I was really nervous because this was actually the first event I've ever been to, but it was fun. I went alone, and I think I was one of the only ones who were on their own. Other people were vlogging the night so I'm probably in the background looking really awkward in the corner or something... that's the perfect description of me I think haha 😂.

I just love the smell and presentation inside the store, and of course the products too. My favourites would have to be the Intergalactic Bath Bomb and the Layer Cake Soap. I also love the Shower Jellies and Rainbow Fun as they are unique and fun products. One of my new found favourites would have to be the Naked Shower Gels (more on that later in the review).

Christmas Products
Plum Snow (Bubble Bar) | Christmas Sweater (Bath Bomb) | Man On The Moon (Bubble Bar)

 SnowAngel (Bath Melt) | Star Light, Star Bright (Bath Melt) | Golden Wonder (Bath Bomb)

Tree-d (Bath Oil) | The Magic Of Christmas (Bubble Bar Wand) | The Snowman (Bubbleroon)

Christmas Gifts. Pre-packaged with a variety of different products.

I couldn't possibly mention the entire range as there are just so many, so check out Lush's' website to see full christmas range. I also review some more of the Christmas products further on in this post.

Product Making
We got the chance to make some of the products ourselves. It was very fun to see how these are actually made. In this picture we were making the Brightside Bubble Bar.

Now for the tour of the spa... 
The spa was nice and welcoming with a little sit-down area with tea and biscuits. It had a very relaxing atmosphere as it was only a warm glow of the candles and a galaxy projection on the ceiling. And just look at that bath... ULTIMATE BATH GOALS!! The spa would make a very cute apartment.

Product Reviews

After nearly 2 hours the event was coming to an end, and we were each given a goodie bag containing some free products to try, which was very lovely of them - so massive thank you to Lush.

In my goodie bag, I received...

Butterbear Wash Card
Everyone needs a cuddle sometimes. Wrap yourself in the uplifting and comforting arms of ylang ylang and musk. To use, simply wet the hands and rub him between them for sweet scented lathers and refreshed skin and hair. Pop him in your pocket for washes on the go.
When I first saw this small 'wash card' I didn't really see how this would work, but to my surprise it somehow manages to lather - ALOT. The smell is nice and fresh - which I guess is what you'd want when you're having a wash haha.

As the description says, it is perfect for on the go travelling when space can be tight as you might not have room to store shower gel bottles.

Twilight Naked Shower Gel
Snuggle up with a malty blend of tonka and lavender. If you've had a hectic day and need a chance to relax, this naked shower gel is bound to do the trick to ease stress and calm moods. Lavender is incredibly calming and gentle on the skin and is known to reduce stress. With no plastic bottles to worry about, let warm tonka and vanilla comfort and soothe skin while ylang ylang floats gently by and leaves you feeling restored.
These are definitely unique. I'm not saying nowhere else does them, but I certainly haven't seen them anywhere before. Also, I love how they are shaped like a bottle rather than just being a boring block.

It is a shower gel without the packaging. Now if you've never heard of these you are probably thinking... "how can a shower gel have no packaging?"  Basically, they have made their shower gels into a solid. Which leads onto the next question... "well isn't that just a bar of soap?"  Apparently not because it uses the same/similar formulation to the liquid shower gel, which means when wet it lathers just like regular shower gel. If you need more information on this, I recommend you read Lushs' article for more details.

I think there are some pro's and con's of it being 'naked'.
The pro being its better for the environment as there is no plastic packaging, which ends up just being thrown away. Lush is known for this, as well as fighting animal testing. Both of which is definitely a good thing.
But the cons are it's not so handy to travel around with - especially after it's been used and is still wet. Also, some people might not like the idea of sharing this with other family members, compared to regular shower gel you squeeze out of a bottle. I'm not saying it's a bad product - I love it - but I don't think it is for everyone. But at least they still offer the liquid shower gels too.

I will for sure be buying more Naked Shower Gels when this has finished, but judging how much I have used so far I think that might be a while away as they are long-lasting, which is a good thing since they are nearly £10 each.

Black Rose Naked Lip Scrub 
Prep your pout for lippy with illipe butter and extra virgin coconut oil. Caster sugar gently keeps your lips soft and smooth and organic jojoba oil marvelously moisturises, making your lips kissably soft. Swipe across the lips to buff and smooth. Your rebellion will have a cause with mood lifting ylang ylang and Sicilan mandarin oils.
Another naked product! Again this is so there is less wastage on packaging. This is simple to use, no need to crumble before use or anything, you just simply rub the bar on your lips to help keep them soft and smooth. It can start to melt a little on your hands though so you might want to have a tissue ready.

The Comforter Bubble Bar
Sometimes you just need to shut yourself off from the outside world under a blanket of fruity foam that will put you back in the right frame of mind to face the world. This bar is supersized, so you’ll only need to crumble half a bar under your tap to make enough bubbles for a long, comforting soak. Cassis absolute gives a distinctive blackcurrant fragrance, while bergamot adds an uplifting note.
This was actually made by some of the bloggers who also attended the event - so it might look a bit more messy than usual haha.

The scent on this is just beautiful - a fresh fruity smell. You just break a piece off and crumble under running water for LOTS of bubbles and turns the water pink. You definitely don't need to use the whole bar, so can get a few uses out of it.

If you're impressed by the amount of bubbles in the picture above, from only the tiny amount I crumbled off, that's not even half the amount after my bath was fully run. Also, the bath doesn't stain from the pink water like I thought it would, which is a nice bonus haha.

Spa Treatment Menu

Just a little booklet about the treatments available in the spa. One thing I really like is that it has a 'nakedness key' ranging from 1 to 3 explaining how much undressing is required for the treatment. I think this really helps you understand what to expect, which is useful if you've never been before.

I've never used the spa, and I probably won't because I don't know if I like the idea of being massaged by someone I don't know (nothing personal Lush I hope you understand haha). Prices start from £50, going all the way up to £285 which is pretty expensive. However the spa did look really cute and relaxing - so if it's your thing then go for it.

And that was the end of the night.
I just want to say a huge thank you to Lush for inviting me, and for the lovely gifts!

I also vlogged the event, which you can watch below if ya want :)


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Seaside Walk // Photography

A couple weeks ago I went on a nice walk around my local seaside town. I'm quite into photography, so I took a lot of pictures of the views. As this blog is an 'online diary of my life', I like to share my interests, so I thought I might start a new category on my Blog called 'Photography' to share my photos. These 'photography' posts won't have much writing, it's just a place for me to share my photos. Of course, I will still be continuing on with written blog posts too.

But just to point out... I'm no expert about photography. I don't know loads about cameras, in fact, these photos were taken on my phone (Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus).

Seaside & Lake Walk
I took photos of the pier, sea views, and the lake

Don't forget to check out my Instagram where I like to post a lot of my photos too :)


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Two Year YouTube Anniversary | Q&A #AskMVYT2years

Today is my 2 Year YouTube Anniversary!! To celebrate I decided to do a Q&A, so I went to Twitter and used the hashtag #AskMVYT2years for questions.

Before I start, I just want to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU! Honestly your support over the last 2 years has been incredible and means so much to me. I made a dedicated thank you video on my Channel, which you can watch here

Or if you've came from that video... Lets get on with the questions!

Q: Do you regret not having a YouTube Channel earlier in your life? ~ @actingmylife211
A: Yes and no. Some parts of me wishes I started sooner, in fact I started planning videos around a year before I even uploaded my first video. But on the other hand, I did have college at the time which did prevent me from making videos. Overall, I'm very happy when I started.

Q: What made you realize you wanted to make videos, and who inspired you to start? ~ @ross_widmer2014
A: To answer the first question, when I was younger I had this little video camera and made little silly videos with my family - for no reason, not to be uploaded anywhere, or anything like that - it was just fun. I also use to make photo slideshows of days out at the zoo etc. so I suppose it's just something I've always enjoyed doing from a young age. 

For the second question, I was inspired by a variety of YouTubers, some really big ones and some small. I would say my main inspiration came from smaller YouTubers because it shows anyone can do this.

Q: What's your favourite video that you've ever made? ~ @tombirdsey
A: Every video I've uploaded I've enjoyed making. But if I had to pick my favourite video, from my Main Channel it would probably be 'Types Of People On Instagram', and on my Second Channel it would be 'The Best Day Of My Life - Seeing Adele In Concert'.

Q: What's your best and worst memory? ~ @realloserville
A: Keeping it on the YouTube theme, my best memory would have to be reaching 100 Subscribers, it's the first major milestone on YouTube. As for my worst memory, I try not to focus on the negatives - lets keep it positive :)

Q: In the 2 years of doing YouTube, what's the one thing you have learned about yourself? ~ @RyDaws
A: hmmmm... To be you, do what makes you happy and just have fun. I wish I could expand but they're all self explanatory really.

Q: Who's the wildest Vlogger/YouTuber you have met? ~ @PeteyBoyTV
A: I've only met 3 YouTubers, none of which I would really label as wild, but my favourite would have to be Alfie Deyes (PointlessBlog). I did a blog post on meeting him, which you can read here.

Q: What's the best thing about doing YouTube? ~ @MissTezzaX
A: I would have to say the best thing about doing YouTube is the interaction, so people leaving comments etc on my videos. Because of my anxiety I can struggle with interacting with people in real life, so YouTube is another way for me to do that. It's really nice to get positive feedback from people. I have also made some really good friends from doing YouTube.

Q: How long do you see yourself doing YouTube for? ~ @kylakristinev
A: For as long as I enjoy making videos for, so right now I don't see myself stopping because I love it. But YouTube is something I want to keep fun, I don't want to force myself to do something if I don't enjoy doing it. Here's to many more years of YouTube!!

Q: Where do you see your channel in 2 years time? ~ @ThatPhilJones
A: In 2 years I'd be 22 (I feel really old saying that haha), and I think as I get older my video style would probably change, I see myself doing more 'lifestyle' vlogs and maybe even podcast chat videos. I'm not going to mention Subscriber numbers because that's not my main focus, whether I'm still in the hundreds, or have thousands, or even millions (I could dream haha).

Anyway that's 2 years away... We'll see what the future has to bring - this is going to be fun and exciting!

And thats the end of the questions...
If you've got anymore, feel free to leave them in the comments and I'll answer them :)

Thank you for your support over the last two years!!


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New Zoella Lifestyle Range - My Opinions

Zoe has recently released the new Zoella Lifestyle range. I'm going to give my opinions on what I like and what I don't like about the new products.

I would like to mention this is NOT a paid promotion or sponsored post. All thoughts are my own.

I should also probably point out, I'm not hating on Zoe. I love her. I love her videos. I also love the new range overall. I'm just giving my own personal opinions on each product.

Catching Trinkets - Trinkets Dish
This little trinket dish is for your bedside table to keep bits and pieces in, like your phone, glasses, or as Zoe said, even biscuits. However, personally, I do think this particular item is a bit pointless. I don't really see the point in putting stuff on a dish, which is on your bedside table, when you could just put the stuff on the bedside table itself. Don't get me wrong, I think it looks very cute, I love the design, I just don't really see the need to buy one. 

Looking Sharp - Ring Holder
Now this one I can understand. Not only does this have a design which could just be used just as an ornament if you wanted, it can also be used to keep small items, like rings, ear rings and necklaces, which can easily get lost, all together and safe. This actually useful unlike the trinket storage plate above.

Sweet Dreams - Cushion
This cushion design has to be my favourite. My mum (who has no clue who Zoella is) also approves of this design.

Cloud Nine - Cushion
I also really like this cushion design too. I think it's really cute with the pom poms on the corners.

Easy Doze It - Cushion
"Easy does it"... "Easy doze it"... Get it?
I would say this is my least favourite cushion design. It's not that I don't like it, I just think the other two are a bit more interesting, but its all down to personal preference.

Inspire - Desk Display
I do like this. It's simple but has a positive message which I love. I think it would be nice to have on a desk where you most of your work, or somewhere where you would see it a lot, like on a bedside table. As Zoe said, she hopes people "feel inspired, or want to inspire" with this. 

Stay On Top Of Your World - Planner
I think these are really useful. It has a weekly planner/goals, to-do lists and sticky notes. All of this keeps all the different information together and organised in one place - and as the name suggests, helps you "stay on top of your world".

I want to buy one as I think it will help manage my blog because I can use it to plan and organise blog posts. But it's also useful for other daily reminders & jobs.

Wonderful - Journal

This is the larger notebook. I like how it has the strap on the front which keeps it closed when you're finished, and I also like how it has the page finder so you can easily carry on without needing to try to find which page you were on.

It's The Little Things - Jotters
2 smaller notebooks. I do think it's good that you have a choice between the bigger note book or these smaller jotters (or you can have both obviously). Zoe talked about the spacing between the lines, and I agree it does have good spacing so you can write clearly as sometimes in smaller notepads the line spacing can be quite narrow.

Write On Point - Pencils

Each pencil has a cute message on. I think it would be nice to share them with friends at school for example - but not everyone returns them back so maybe not. The pencils from the new range also have rubbers on the end, which is a useful addition.

I think it would have been nice to have a full stationery set which included a matching pen, pencil, ruler and pencil case. Would have been the perfect time to release too before everyone goes back to school.

Blooming Marvellous - Storage Pots
A little storage pot that can be used to store stationery in, or as little plant pots (but note there are no drain holes at the bottom). They are sold individually, which I think is better because you might not have the need for two.

I like both designs but I prefer the gold one with the eyelashes, however, in my opinion, the polka dot design matches in with the other items from the range (like the pencils and notebooks) better. 

Overall Opinions
Overall, I love the new range. I know I have used the word cute quite a lot in this post, but I think it's the best way to describe this range - it's cute! The theme is very consistent with the colours and design which I think is a good thing. My favourite product from this range would have to be the Sweet Dreams Cushion.

P.S. Zoe if you're reading this... Wanna be friends? 


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