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Adele: The Finale Live At Wembley

This time 3 weeks ago, I was standing in front of the circular stage in the centre of Wembley Stadium. I was one of the lucky ones who managed to get tickets for Adele: The Finale Live At Wembley.

Seeing Adele live has been one of my dreams for many years (And after several failed attempts trying to get tickets for her arena tour last year I thought I was never going to), but I'm glad to say my dream has finally come true. And I was not disappointed.

We left the day before the show because Wembley Stadium is a far distance from where I live. A 5-hour drive in fact. So we stayed in a Premier Inn hotel the night before to ensure we weren't stuck in any traffic delays which could have made us miss/late for the show.

On the day of Adele, I was really anxious. I didn't know what to expect. I have never been to Wembley Stadium before, it was my first concert, and there were 98,000 people. All of which made me feel incredibly nervous and unsure. I couldn't even eat anything I was that nervous.

I started queuing from around 4pm, the show didn't start til 8pm, and I was in the standing area for the show, so as you can probably imagine my legs ached - a lot - after standing for most of the day. But it was worth it.

The advantage of being in the standing area and spending many hours in a queue though, I was right near the front of the outer circle stage, so I got plenty of close ups. It was so exciting to finally be there, and be so lucky to be that close.

This was my view. Not zoomed in by the camera. Yes, I really was that close.

I really liked that the stage was a circle in the middle of the stadium. Yes, there were times where she was facing the other way (to the audience on the other side), or on the complete other side of the outer-stage so you couldn't really see her on our side. But when she was near you, she was really, really near you. Plus it gives people at the back a better view instead of being what would feel like miles away if the stage was in the usual spot at the front in such a large venue.

The Setlist:
Hometown Glory
One and Only
I'll Be Waiting
Rumour Has It
Water Under the Bridge
I Miss You
Don't You Remember
Make You Feel My Love
Send My Love (to Your New Lover)
Sweetest Devotion
Chasing Pavements
Take It All
Set Fire to the Rain

When We Were Young
Rolling in the Deep
Someone Like You

Adele, as expected was amazing. From the second the screen lifted up and she started singing 'Hello' to her final song 'Someone Like You' and every song in between was just beautiful.

However, I will mention, I could tell on the night her vocals weren't as usual. I could tell she was struggling with some of the songs and she kept coughing and clearing her throat between songs. Don't get me wrong she still sounded amazing - I'm not complaining - but when she announced she had to cancel the final two shows due to vocal damage, I can't say I was surprised. What I'm trying to say is, the cancellation was necessary - this is in no way a complaint about the show!

I am gutted for any fans who had tickets for the final two nights. As I am sure you would have loved the show. But I think we have to appreciate that Adele needs to protect and rest her voice.

Aside from the music, her personality is hilarious. She told a few funny stories, plenty of swearing, and even fired t-shirts out of a cannon. Other amazing things about the show were fireworks, kiss cam (thankfully I wasn't on that 😂) and dedicating 'Make You Feel My Love' to the victims of the Grenfell Tower fire.

To finish off her show she sang the final song, Someone Like You, and a classic black taxi drove into the stadium to pick her up right from the stage - now that is probably the most British way to leave a show - ever 😂.

Before leaving the stadium I picked up some of the confetti from the floor, and each piece has a personalised 'handwritten' message/lyric which I just think is the sweetest touch.

Would I like to see her again? Of course. Will I ever get the chance? Well, she has kinda announced she is unsure if she will tour again, so it's not looking likely. I'm just glad I finally got the chance to see her live after years of waiting.

It was the best day of my life!

I vlogged my trip to Adele - so check that out to see live performances!


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Where Have I Been? What's Going On? & Blogs 2nd Birthday!

Hi there, it's me Mike!

Now I know its been a while (4 months in fact) since my last post. I'm sorry... I've got a bit of explaining to do. But also today marks a very important day for my blog - it's 2 years old! 🎉

Where Have I Been?

I wish I could say something interesting, like travelling around the world, but it is quite the opposite. Everyday life just got a bit in the way and that is what has been preventing me from posting on here. I wasn't meant to be gone this long, it just kinda happened. But one thing I can say is, I have really missed blogging.

What's Going On?

I'm not quitting. Just because I've had a bit of a break, doesn't mean I'm not enjoying it. I love writing blog posts and making videos, it can just be a little hard at times.

However, I will mention, my focus has been on YouTube a lot more lately. I've been really trying to make more videos and also making vlogs on my 2nd channel. This blog is still going to be active, I just might not be posting quite as regularly on here - but as I said, that doesn't mean I'm quitting as I still love making blog posts too.

If you're new around here, I recommend you check out my channel - I upload a variety of different videos, such as challenges, pranks, Q&A's etc. - and if you enjoy don't forget to Subscribe 🙂

Blogs 2nd Birthday

Today is my blogs 2nd birthday. I cannot believe how quick this has flown by. Even though I haven't been posting as much recently, I still absolutely love it and it has been another amazing year!

Like last year, I'm going to share my blog stats with you. These are dramatically different from last year, and I'm so proud of how well this blog has done.

Blog All Time Views: 14,629 Views
Most Viewed Post: 2,037 - Interview With Owen Frostie
Top 10 Countries (by views):
United Kingdom
United States

I just want to thank you for your amazing support, and sticking with me.


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Homemade Fairground-style, Creme Egg, and Funfetti Donuts

These mini donuts are ideal for a little treat. The classic childhood 'hot sugar fairground donut', an easter special 'creme egg donut', and Zoella inspired 'funfetti donut'. As well as a couple of other basic decorations.

Homemade Tortilla Pizzas & Garlic Bread

I made my own tortilla pizzas. Simple and quick - perfect for an easy meal. I guarantee if I can make them, you can too!

My Favourite Songs At The Moment (February 2017)

An updated list of my favourite songs

Things I Want To Achieve in 2017 !


"New year, New start, New me" blah blah blah... everyone says that. These are the things I really want to achieve this year.

Tell My Family About My Blog & Channel
This is probably one of the biggest things on the list. Believe it or not, my family and friends still don't know about my blog or channel. By the end of this year I would like to have told them, even if I don't tell them the name, I would at least like them to be aware I make blogs and videos.

Reach 500 YouTube Subscribers
Normally I don't set goals like this at the start of the year - I normally wait til November-ish time and round up (e.g. 287, I would set a goal of 300), however, I thought there is no harm in having something to aim for. 500 subscribers would mean a lot to me. At the time of posting this I am on 310 subscribers - so 190 to go!
If you're new to my blog, maybe check out my channel?

Do More Vlogs
Daily vlogging (but not every single day, a bit like how Joe Sugg does it) looks so fun and is something I want to try, but it's kinda hard to vlog when my family and friends don't know about my channel. I'm not going to set a goal to do a certain number of vlogs because it really depends on how many interesting days I have, but I definitely want to make more.

Make A Collab Video
I know this doesn't sound like much but this is something I have wanted to do since creating my channel. I have anxiety so I can be awkward with new people, and get nervous when travelling. So a collab really sounds like a nightmare, however, it's something I really want to do.

Overcome Anxiety (EDIT: Get Help For My Anxiety) 
This one is a personal goal, rather than my YouTube or blog goals, like my others. Anxiety is something I don't really talk about much, I've mentioned it now and again, but I don't really go into the details of how it affects me. I would like to seek help for it and control the anxiety - rather than the anxiety control me. I know it's not going to be an overnight fix, I'm not expecting to no longer be affected, but getting help would be a step in the right direction.

Let me know your 2017 Goals in the comments!!


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2016 Resolutions - Did I Keep To Them?

At the start of 2016, I set myself some resolutions. It's time to look back and see if I kept to them.

My resolutions were...

Keep working hard on my Blog & YouTube Channel
I would say overall this was a success. Yes, there have been times where I have barely uploaded, but that was a combination of Creators Block, and my family not knowing about my channel. I did originally state "working hard doesn't mean not missing an upload" because there is so much more to it than that.
I agree I could work harder by adding captions to my videos - maybe that's something I should start doing?

Keep in contact with friends
No. There is not another way to put this, I failed this one. Distance is an issue (they are at uni, and I'm still at home), however, that is no excuse. I could send them more messages and arrange to do things when they are back in the area - something I've barely done. However, we are arranging to meet after Christmas which is nice.

Be healthier
I never meant to turn into a health and fitness guru, I just meant reduce the amount of bad foods I eat. It didn't really go to plan... let's not talk about this one 😂

Drink more
This is a hard one to evaluate because it really does vary. Some days I drink plenty, other days I don't drink much. I would say I'm probably no better, but no worse than I was before.

Drink less fizzy drinks
This one started really well. I stuck to mostly flavoured water and juices, and I actually enjoyed it. Of course occasionally I would have a fizzy drink, but for the most part, I had water. However, notice where I said, "started really well". Things took a turn for the worse, and now I drink a lot of fizzy drinks again.

Early nights
Again, this one started really well. I would always be in bed before midnight, and gradually over time, it slipped to 12.30, 1.00, and now the midnight thing isn't really a thing anymore. However recently (the past couple of weeks) I have been trying to get back into this routine.

Keep my room tidy
I am fully aware my room isn't the tidiest out there... it definitely is not a showroom. However, I would say it's tidy enough. My room is small, so I do have to make the most of the rather limited space I have.

There is a common trend - I started really well. But let's be honest, I don't think anyone actually sticks to their new year resolutions so I doubt I am alone.

Did you stick to your New Year Resolutions? Let me know in the comments!


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